Esperantujo is a documentary created by Kasia Thomas and Eddy Anderson. The focus of the film is to document and investigate the contemporary culture of Esperanto speakers. Esperanto is an artificial language created by Ludwik Zamehof in 188. The language was created to be an international auxiliary language, meaning it is meant to supplement the speaker’s native tongue rather than replace it. Kasia and Eddy have traveled to Bialystok, Poland, Lille, France and Lake George, New York in order to facilitate the project.

Kasia is a student at the University of Connecticut, majoring in molecular and cell biology and minoring in art history.

Eddy is a student at the University of Connecticut, studying mechanical engineering.

We would especially like to thank our advisor and mentor, Professor Charles Hagen, for his help in the process. Additionally, we would like to thank Melissa Berkey, the Office of Undergraduate Research at the University of Connecticut, the Zamenhof Center in Bialystok Poland, the Bialystok Esperanto Group, the Quebec Esperanto Society, and all the  people who have allowed us to film and interview them.

This project was funded by the University of Connecticut IDEA Grant.


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