Trailer for our upcoming documentary “Esperantujo”
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Antaŭvido por nia dokumenta filmo “Esperantujo”

Song/Kanto: “isn’t the rain nice today?” Banjo Bob and the voices


Aŭtuna Renkontiĝo de Esperanto

This weekend we visited the Silver Bay YMCA in order to participate in the 22nd annual Autumn Esperanto Meeting (ARE). There, we were happy to meet Esperantists from across the United States, Canada, and France! And, we also had the pleasure of meeting several native Esperanto speakers (“denaskuloj”). At the meeting, we had the opportunity to play games in Esperanto, listen to a number of interesting presentations, present our own research, facilitate a number of interviews, and gather footage of the meeting.

For more information about ARE, visit The Quebec Esperanto Society and Esperanto-USA.

Babilu kun ni!

At the conference, our most important goal was to facilitate interviews with Esperantists from all over the world. We accumulated over 15 hours of interviews over the course of the congress from people almost every continent. Through these interviews, we hoped to document contemporary Esperanto speakers, preserve their stories, and gather insight into what it means it to speak Esperanto in today’s world.

Bialystok, Poland

Eddy and I started our journey in Bialystok, Poland, the birthplace of Ludwik Zamenhof and Esperanto.

In Bialystok, we visited the Ludwik Zamenhof Center, where we met Ela. Ela is an active member of the Bialystok Esperanto Group as well as the librarian of the Esperanto Library in the Zamenhof Center. Through Ela, we met with the head of the Podlaskie Voivoideship Libraries as well as Andrzej, a member of the Bialystok Esperanto Group. Andrzej was a great guide around the city, highlighting important monuments in Esperanto’s history and showing us all the ways Bialystok has honored Zamenhof. With him, we were able to visit a children’s hospital named in honor of Ludwik Zamenhof as well as the Bialystok Esperanto Group’s meet space.